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COMAH (control of major accidents and hazards)

Many of INCA’s members have a duty under the COMAH regulations to consider the potential for harm to both people and the environment. 

As part of this they need to assess whether there is any potential for the substances they use and the way in which they use them to cause a major accident to the environment (known as a MATTE). 

To do this effectively requires a good understanding of the environmental features in the surrounding area, something that is of particular importance on Teesside as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Protection Area surround many of the industrial sites and in some cases even extend onto industrial sites.  In addition to protected sites, the assessment needs to consider other environmental receptors such as protected or high value species. 

INCA is uniquely placed to assist with these assessments.  Having conducted ecological surveys on industrial sites on Teesside over a 30-year period it has an unparalleled knowledge of the species and habitats on Teesside and how they are distributed in relation to industry.  As well as providing ecological reports detailing the ecological receptors in the area INCA can also provide an ecotoxicological report, which summarises the published data on the effects of individual chemicals on various forms of plant and animal life.  It can then use both the ecology and ecotoxicology information to assist companies in running scenarios for accidents to determine whether they would constitute a MATTE.   

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