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Site Biodiversity Action Plans

Landscaped and undeveloped land owned by industry can provide havens for wildlife.  INCA has  worked with a number of our members preparing and then helping them to implement Site Biodiversity Actions Plans (Site BAPs)  These identify the main wildlife habitats and species occurring on the site and provide cost-effective recommendations by which habitats and species can be conserved and, where possible, enhanced.  Site BAPs must be compatible with a site’s commercial operations and recognise that land under conservation management may only be so for the medium-term but this still provides a valuable contribution in provision of land parcels which act as stepping stones in landscape level conservation, allowing wildlife to move between areas of high biodiversity and reducing habitat fragmentation and isolation of populations.

Site BAPs make a significant contribution to local and national biodiversity conservation initiatives, provide opportunities for staff engagement and help to enhance a company’s environmental reputation in the community.  They can also assist in preparing environment statements for development projects and are recognised as part of ISO 14001 accreditation.  We have produced plans for BP CATS, Cleveland Potash Ltd., ConocoPhillips, Huntsman Pigments, Koppers, Lucite International and Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI).